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Toxins found in Los Cerritos Wetlands threaten endangered wildlife.

The State Water Resources Control Board, San Diego Region, has recently filed multiple complaints against the South Orange County Wastewater Authority for violations of effluent limitations in waste discharge requirements of pollutants from both the City of San Clemente Chiquita Water Reclamation Plant, and San Juan Capistrano Reverse Osmosis Plant. This complaint alledged that more than 300 million gallons of illegal effluent was discharged directly into the Pacific Ocean from the San Juan Creek ocean outfall.

Lead Contamination found at Hazardous Levels in Astro Turf located at School Playgrounds and daycare facilities nationwide. Fighting to ensure the safety of playgrounds and ballfields, Attorney General Edward G. Brown today signed off on an agreement requiring the Georgia based Astro Turf, LLC., to virtually eliminate lead from its artificial grass creating the countries first enforceable lead standards for artificial turf products.

Lead contamination has been found in baby bibs. In June of 2007 the Center for Environmental Health found lead problems in bibs sold by a major retailer. The baby bibs had a vinyl front and a cotton-polyester back. An independent laboratory analyzed several bibs for lead using using National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health method 7082. Results found that the vinyl portions of five of the bibs tested contained significant amounts of lead, above 600 parts per million. We used this number because the Consumer Product Safety Commission classifies paints with more than 600 parts per million of lead as “banned hazardous products.”