Our Goals


Urban Health Alliance is dedicated to protecting the children and families in our communities from exposure to hazardous materials that exist within their environment. Having more than 20 years experience working in the field of hazardous material contamination, the founder and President of Urban Health Alliance, David Aronne, felt obligated to put his knowledge to work for the better good of the families within the surrounding communities. For many decades large corporations have polluted our environments and left the public exposed to the hazards created by these companies. Consequently, children and families who have been exposed to these hazards were left to live with the effects created by exposure to these toxins . Urban Health Alliance has developed numerous programs, projects, and events to help achieve our goals. The philosophy of Urban Health Alliance is to empower the public through education in order to prevent and protect families at risk.
Our current programs include:

LEAD TESTING PROGRAMS – Testing soil at public schools and day care facilities located adjacent to Southern California freeways and right of ways. Due to the use of leaded gasoline through the 1970’s. Often times, schools located along such roadways have hazardous levels of lead in the soil where students play, due to vehicle emissions Urban Health Alliance, Race for the EnvironmentSM is dedicated to conducting testing of playground soil and athletic fields at schools throughout Southern California in order to protect the children who attend and play at these schools. Recently Astro Turf was discovered to contain hazardous levels, Urban Health Alliance is dedicated to testing these products at our children’s schools, playgrounds, parks, and day care facilities.

WATER QUALITY INVESTIGATIONS – Urban Health Alliance is preparing to perform water quality study for various ponds, lakes, lagoons and tributaries at beaches located in coastal communities throughout Southern California in order to make our state beaches and recreation sites healthy again and to protect people and marine life. Locate the source of any contamination and report the source to the appropriate regulatory agency for enforcement and remediation.


HEALTHY HOMES – Identify, assess, and evaluate household hazards, including lead based paint, mold, and asbestos. In-home toxins such as mold, chemicals, and lead can impact our childrens health by causing respiratory problems, triggering asthma, or causing lead poisoning. Urban Health Alliance, Race for the EnvironmentSM provides education and resources for families on ways to create a healthy indoor environment for themselves and their children. Through a room by room walk through we can tailor education to individual household needs. We work with families to take actions based on their prioritized list and link them to local resources.


The approach to each project involves the following steps.

Identify * Assessment * Test * Evaluate * Report * Remedy

Future Goals – 2013

  • Launch the 1st Annual Race for the Environment on Earth Day 2013.
  • Provide inspection and awareness for unhealthy housing projects throughout the Southland.
  • Identify and begin testing local schools, athletic fields, parks, and day care facilities for lead contamination and report the findings to the community.
  • Recruit board members with expertise to enhance mission goals.
  • Environmental education in all California Schools.
  • Identify and begin testing lakes, ponds, and south Orange County Beaches to assure they are safe for swimming, fishing, and fun.